Here are a few of the growing list of industries Cambelt serves regularly:

Farmers depend on efficient harvesting systems to get their produce from the ground to storage facilities and buyers quickly and safely. Conveyors are essential parts of this system throughout the world. Whether it be portable conveyors for gathering and sorting the harvest on the farm, bucket elevators at grain silos, or portable rail car unloaders, such systems are used to deliver agricultural produce to throughout the supply chain.


Cement presents some difficult challenge for bulk material handling systems. It can be extremely free flowing when aerated and behave erratically when packed. Cambelt conveyors prevent it from caking as it goes while protecting it from moisture and other environmental influences. Our dome reclaiming system efficiently removes cement powder from storage.

Cambelt industrial conveyors are ideal for handling a wide range of chemicals with vastly different properties. Our belts resist corrosion and are easy to clean. Airtight enclosed conveyors prevent aeration and wind blowing so they are effective for handling potentially harmful chemicals and those susceptible to contamination.

Our conveyors and belting are used for many construction tasks. Cambelt’s specialized portable equipment can be used for dispersing aggregate, transporting dry cement, spreading topsoil or a myriad of other construction site tasks. We manufacture belting ideal for trenchers and road profilers. Our industrial belting and conveyors are extremely reliable and will help keep you on schedule.

Cargo ports and freight yards are in constant motion moving bulk material between ships, railcars, and trucks. Cambelt designs fixed and portable unloaders and transloaders to maximize efficiency and minimize product loss and degradation along the way. The CamSpan Gallery is ideal for unloading dry-bulk carrier ships and carrying product safely to the next leg of the journey.

Cambelt builds specially designed automated conveyor systems for the rigorous sanitation requirements of food processing. We can custom build conveyor systems with oil or heat resistant belting and sanitary stainless steel casings. Airtight enclosures prevent product degradation and contamination as well as help regulate temperature.

Our systems handle highly flammable, toxic, corrosive, and reactive materials safely. Cambelt airtight enclosed conveyors are designed to contain contaminants of all kinds. Whether dealing with biological, chemical, or low-level radioactive material, our systems are well equipped to handle hazardous waste. Because our belts are homogeneously cured, they last much longer than other options and never delaminate. This means making less waste in the process of handling it.

Frac sand handling is one of our specialties at Cambelt. We carry a complete line of frac equipment including large frac sand storage trailers, “mini” trailers for transporting sand, T-belts, and portable sand loaders. Again, reliability and durability are our strong points here where downtime in the oilfield can be very costly.

Manufacturing plants rely on a lot of different parts working perfectly together. Where dry bulk material handling is concerned, Cambelt equipment leaves one less cog in the system to worry about. Whether you’re conveying raw materials as input or processing a loose final product, we can build an automated conveyor system that meets the needs of any operation.

One of the toughest challenges in the mining industry is moving large amounts of loose material from hard to reach seams to where it can be loaded into a transport vehicle. Our incline and vertical conveyors can fit into tight spots and lift product very long distances. Our specialized MSHA approved belting can handle even large chunks in high volume. For mining coal, iron ore, uranium, etc., Cambelt has a product that will do the job.


There are many steps in the process of converting wood to pulp and pulp into paper. Wood chips and paper pulp are notoriously high-maintenance when it comes to moving them. Additionally, a pulp mill can be a harsh place for machinery. Cambelt builds rugged equipment that can convince even the most sluggish material to move and stand up to the high moisture of the environment.

This is one of the most challenging jobs for an industrial conveyor because recycling facilities often handle vastly irregular materials before they are processed. Cambelt’s CamWall belting is well designed for this kind of job even along steep inclines. Its substantial cleats and sidewalls cradle awkwardly shaped material and the tough homogeneously cured rubber stands up to being poked and banged around better than anything else on the market.