Our rail car unloading customers have spoken, and we heard you loud and clear!

Over the past year, you, the customer, shared with us that one of the largest problems facing the rail car unloading service companies is bridging the gap between the time they win a contract and the time that they can actually begin unloading material from the railcars. Most common is the case where the bid winner must look to order a transloader after being awarded the contract with the expectation that transloaders are readily available. The reality is another truth altogether; they are virtually impossible to find in stock. The national average lead time from order to delivery is 18 weeks. 18 Weeks of the bid winner sitting on their hands while the never-ending clock of profitability ticks away as loud as thunder.

Cambelt has the solution for you!

Beginning in January 2024, Cambelt has a complete Transloader production line running at full capacity with the ability to launch a new unit every 3-4 weeks. This can virtually eliminate the gap from wining the bid to moving material, allowing you to have the Scorpion 3015 transloader on site and moving material profitably at record speeds in a matter of a few days, not weeks or months.

Imagine the change in your ability to drive revenue for several months while your competition is still waiting for the competitor transloader to crawl through build to order production. You are now able to compete for bids that were previously unwinnable.

What makes the Scorpion 3015 the MUST HAVE Transloader for your business?

  • New bearing design that makes maintenance super easy and accessible
  • All new Eliminator Take-Up that keeps material from gathering in the tail area and impeding performance
  • All new cockpit design making maneuvering easier and fingertip access to all controls
  • The fastest belt allows for truck load times in as low as 7-10 minutes
  • The SMALLEST FOOTPRINT in the industry, with just 27’ from inlet to discharge
  • Quick Connect dust collection nozzle means you can choose whatever dust mitigation system you want

The ALL NEW 2024 Transloader Production Line

Steel cutting, shaping, preparation and assembly

Sand blast and Paint

Multi staging assembly zones

Final assembly

Test and Quality Control