Cambelt specializes in engineering closed and high-incline cleated belt conveyor belt systems in straight, L, and Z configurations to meet our customer’s site-specific requirement. Our systems are environmentally friendly as our conveyors are engineered dust tight, keeping unwanted weather out while mitigating fugitive dusting common on other conveying systems. All our conveyors are designed using our patented belting systems providing industry leading durability while handling material delicately to reduce material degradation seen on comparable systems. All high incline and closed conveyor belts are engineered and built in the USA at our manufacturing facilities in Salt Lake City.

More on Closed Conveyor Systems

At Cambelt International, we excel at meeting the specific needs of clients in various industries. For many of our clients, their preference is a closed belt system. The largest demand for this style of inclined cleated belt conveyor system is from industries that require full environmental containment. Within the system, no materials are getting in, nor are they getting out. All open and closed conveyor belts are made to your specifications.

More on High-Incline Cleated Belt Conveyor Systems

Designing the ideal conveyor system should be simple and utilize your available space. To make this happen, high-incline belts are often used. This specialty mode of material transport allows your facility to condense production footprint while increasing material output. Inclined conveyor belts can be customized to work with your space and material requirements.