The Difference Between Incline and Steep Incline Conveyors

There are many types of conveyor systems, each with its own benefits and problems. That is why it is important to understand the difference between them. This way, when you are making your own designs for your area, you can plan out the most efficient systems. This is true when it comes to the difference between incline and steep incline conveyors. Although they might seem similar, there are some key differences.


The first difference that one would notice when comparing an incline conveyor to a steep incline conveyor is the angle of the incline. The angle is very important to a conveyor system, as it dictates the length of the system required to reach a certain height. Namely, the sharper an angle is, the faster it gains height. That is where the difference between the steep incline and incline conveyors lay. Steep incline conveyors have a much sharper angle and gain height faster. However, the incline conveyors do not have to worry nearly as much about material slippage on the conveyor because their angles aren’t as deep. This is especially true when they use inclined cleated belt conveyors to hold the materials in place.


One of the major reasons to get a steep incline conveyor is because of its size. When designing a conveyor system, you need to maximize space efficiency. The steep incline conveyor is great for saving room, as you do not need as many feet of conveyor to travel between heights. This is due to the angle of the steep incline conveyor being deeper than the angle of the incline conveyor.

Less Conveyor Transfers

Another important difference between these two types of conveyors is the transfers the materials make during transit. A normal incline conveyor typically has several transfers between conveyor belts that the material must traverse. As the materials move from one conveyor to another, there is a possibility for damage to occur. A steep incline conveyor usually has fewer conveyor transfers due to the size difference and the different styles of conveyors.

These factors are just to show you the difference between incline and steep incline conveyors. In truth, one kind of conveyor is not better than the other; it all comes down to what you need. Be sure to keep that in mind when designing your conveyor system.