When To Choose an Overhead Conveyor System

Many people know that using a conveyor system is the best way to move a larger number of objects consistently. However, typical belt conveyors can be too large and take up a significant amount of floor space. Overhead conveyor systems help move objects that normal conveyor belts might not be suitable for. This is why it is important to know when to choose an overhead conveyor system over other conveyor designs. Learn more about the advantages of choosing an overhead conveyer to increase the productivity and output of your facility.

What Is an Overhead Conveyor?

There are several defining features of overhead conveyors. The first and most obvious one is their elevated nature. An overhead conveyor is usually above the heads of workers and conveys items through the air. They are often simple in design and are highly customizable to fit whatever area you need. Due to the massive variety of different kinds of overhead conveyors, they can move many kinds of materials and goods. Elevated conveyors also can be customized to fit the specifications that your warehouse needs.

Customization of Overhead Conveyors

The best thing about using an overhead conveyor is the sheer variety of options available. Often, overhead conveyors are not sold premade but are made to fit the needs of the buyer. This allows for the creation of conveyors that can handle any kind of material. Whether you need a conveyor for handling liquids or storing and moving clothes, you can find an overhead conveyor system that will work for you. There are large, fully enclosed belt conveyor systems that shuttle large amounts of materials overhead without getting in the way of any workers. Deciding on a custom conveyer system takes thoughtful planning on what will suit your workspace best. You might want a more conventional elevated conveyor or even a monorail conveyor for moving your goods along the production process.

Why Choose an Overhead Conveyor

There are many reasons to choose an overhead conveyor system. They save room on floor space by utilizing the empty space above people’s heads. They can be made to fit your needs and can transfer most materials anywhere. They can handle most loads no matter the weight or shape due to their hanging nature. Depending on the exact system you get, they are also capable of other functions, such as storage.

The real trick to getting the most use out of a conveyor system is knowing when to choose an overhead conveyor system or other kinds of conveyor systems. By focusing on what needs you have to fulfill, you can determine what kind of system you need to get. Contact Cambelt International today to learn more about choosing the right overhead conveyor system.