Rail car loading and unloading can be slow and precarious without the right tools, which is why when industries that must move large amounts of hard-to-handle materials need a conveyor system they look to Cambelt for a portable railcar unloading system that will get the job done right. Cambelt’s ScorpionⓇ line of railcar unloading conveyors are designed for situations where it is impractical to have fixed conveying system. The ScorpionⓇ railcar transloader has a low-profile inlet requiring only 5 inches of clearance, providing unparalleled access underneath railcars or any tight loading locations. Mobile railcar unloading systems are extremely versatile. They can be easily moved between various operating lines and are designed to center load railcars, so you know you will have the reach to load whatever you throw its way. See how Cambelt’s ScorpionⓇ, the industry-leading railcar transloader, can improve efficiencies at your facility. Contact Cambelt International if you have specific questions or would like to learn more about our portable railcar unloading equipment for sale.

Quality Equipment You Can Rely On

Maximizing the efficiency and profitability of every operation comes down to a few key elements; one of which is your equipment. Having the right railcar unloading equipment and utilizing it to its full potential will save you time and resources while making the task as simple as possible. The ScorpionⓇ railcar unloading conveyor makes an excellent addition to any loading facility. Our equipment adds to a successful arsenal of tools and equipment to transfer various materials from one vessel to another.

ScorpionⓇ Series Highlights:


On-site or remote, the ScorpionⓇ will perform work as-needed. From facilities that frequently need to use a railcar transloader during the day to those who use it sparingly in various locations, the ScorpionⓇ is an ideal choice.

Enclosed System

For all ScorpionⓇ varieties, the system is completely enclosed. This allows for reduced displacement of material with small particles or dust.

Durable Sidewalls and Nubs

Its footprint may be small, but its capabilities are impressive. The ScorpionⓇ excels in relocating large capacities quickly. The smooth walls and durable nubs help keep material moving and eliminates clogs.