Are you looking for a reliable and efficient railcar unloading system that can handle any material and any situation? If so, you need to check out the scorpion transloader from Cambelt, the industry leader in portable conveying systems.

The scorpion transloader is a mobile conveyor system that can be easily moved between various operating lines and locations. It has a low-profile inlet that requires only 5 inches of clearance, providing unparalleled access underneath railcars or any tight loading locations. It can center load railcars, trucks, or hoppers with ease and accuracy, minimizing material loss and environmental impact.

The scorpion transloader comes in two models: the 1210 and the 3015. The 1210 offers material transfer rates up to 1,325 cubic feet per hour using a 10-hp electric motor. It is the most compact railcar unloading system in the industry, with a centerline load to centerline discharge of just under 20 feet. The 3015 offers material transfer rates up to 8,500 cubic feet per hour using a 74-hp tier 4 diesel engine. It has a centerline load to centerline discharge of just under 26 feet, half of the footprint of alternatives. Both models feature 4-wheel steering, 18-inch hydraulic lift, and Cambelt’s unique monolithic conveyor belt that can handle inclines up to 70 degrees.

The scorpion transloader is designed for situations where it is impractical to have fixed conveying systems, such as remote locations, temporary sites, or multiple loading points. It is ideal for transferring materials such as sand, cement, coal, grain, fertilizer, and more. It can also be customized with additional options such as dust collection system, drive over slimline tail section, dump hopper, hydraulic gate opener, and hopper vibrators.

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to railcar unloading systems. Choose the scorpion transloader from Cambelt, the trusted name in portable conveying systems. Contact Cambelt today at (801) 972-5511 or by email to request a quote or learn more about the scorpion transloader and how it can improve your operations. You won’t regret it.

Quality Equipment You Can Rely On

Maximizing the efficiency and profitability of every operation comes down to a few key elements; one of which is your equipment. Having the right railcar unloading equipment and utilizing it to its full potential will save you time and resources while making the task as simple as possible. The ScorpionⓇ railcar unloading conveyor makes an excellent addition to any loading facility. Our equipment adds to a successful arsenal of tools and equipment to transfer various materials from one vessel to another.

ScorpionⓇ Series Highlights:


On-site or remote, the ScorpionⓇ will perform work as-needed. From facilities that frequently need to use a railcar transloader during the day to those who use it sparingly in various locations, the ScorpionⓇ is an ideal choice.

Enclosed System

For all ScorpionⓇ varieties, the system is completely enclosed. This allows for reduced displacement of material with small particles or dust.

Durable Sidewalls and Nubs

Its footprint may be small, but its capabilities are impressive. The ScorpionⓇ excels in relocating large capacities quickly. The smooth walls and durable nubs help keep material moving and eliminates clogs.