“We fill the trucks from rail cars with fly ash in 10-12 minutes… sometimes faster… The 3015 is really solid!”

The 2024 Cambelt Scorpion Transloaders

The new GOLD STANDARD in mobile railcar unloading!

Unleash the power of efficiency with Cambelt’s Scorpion Transloader—the ultimate game-changer in railcar unloading technology! This newly designed and reinforced beast of a machine is your ticket to handling the toughest materials in the most challenging situations with absolute ease.

Choose your warrior: the Scorpion 3015 model, The Industry LEADER, pushing up to 8,500 cubic feet per hour with a mighty 74-hp tier 4 Turbo diesel engine, all with the SMALLEST FOOTPRINT on the market. or the Scorpion 1210 model, a compact powerhouse delivering up to 1,325 cubic feet per hour with a sleek 10-hp electric motor.

Industry best Versatility

Imagine a mobile conveyor system so versatile, it glides between operations and locations like a dream. With just a 5-inch clearance on the 1210 model and 6-inch clearance on the 3015, 2-wheel steering on the 1210 & 4-wheel steering on the 3015, and Industry Best 20’ inlet to discharge footprint on 1210 and only 27’ on 3015, the Scorpion Transloaders slip into the tightest spaces, offering unmatched access and precision. Say goodbye to material loss and costly wasted time in loading/unloading. We even added an all new Quick-Connect Dust Collection Nozzle which allows you to match your preferred dust mitigation system.

Both come equipped with Cambelt’s signature monolithic belt: The Undisputed HeavyWeight Belt Champion of the World! We conquer inclines of up to 60 degrees.  No other Transloaders come equipped to handle your unloading needs in such a small footprint, with this level of flexibility and with unmatched levels of performance.

Designed for applications where fixed systems cannot fit, are not optimal or limit your performance, the Scorpion Transloaders thrive in narrow rail areas, temporary sites, and multi-point operations. Whether it’s sand, cement, coal, grain, or fertilizer, this machine adapts and conquers. The 2024 model has all new features that make maintenance easy, while extending the life of the bearings with a new patented outboard design and delivering maximum up time.

Don’t compromise—opt for the pinnacle of portable conveying systems. Contact Cambelt at (801) 972-5511 or OEMSales@cambelt.com for a quote or to discover more about the Scorpion Transloaders. Transform your operations and join the ranks of the industry elite. Your future self will thank you!

Quality Equipment You Can Rely On

Maximizing the efficiency and profitability of every operation comes down to a few key elements; one of which is your equipment. Having the right railcar unloading equipment and utilizing it to its full potential will save you time and resources while making the task as simple as possible. The ScorpionⓇ railcar unloading conveyor makes an excellent addition to any loading facility. Our equipment adds to a successful arsenal of tools and equipment to transfer various materials from one vessel to another.

ScorpionⓇ Series Highlights:


On-site or remote, the ScorpionⓇ will perform work as-needed. From facilities that frequently need to use a railcar transloader during the day to those who use it sparingly in various locations, the ScorpionⓇ is an ideal choice.

Enclosed System

For all ScorpionⓇ varieties, the system is completely enclosed. This allows for reduced displacement of material with small particles or dust.

Durable Sidewalls and Nubs

Its footprint may be small, but its capabilities are impressive. The ScorpionⓇ excels in relocating large capacities quickly. The smooth walls and durable nubs help keep material moving and eliminates clogs.