The Benefits of Food Processing Conveyor Systems

Cambelt International has been in business for over 60 years and has had the pleasure of servicing several industries. One significant industry that we serve is the food industry—we design automated conveyor systems for food processing and handling. We believe there are several benefits of food processing conveyor systems. Read on to learn the perks of using conveyor belt systems for processing, handling, and more.

Advantages of Belt Conveyors in the Food Industry

Owning an automated conveyor system for food processing is a smart decision for the following reasons:

Cost effective One of the many benefits of using automated conveyor belt systems for food processing is that it will save you money in the long run. By eliminating human operators, you eliminate the chance of (costly) human error.

Conserves space Our American-made, patented one-piece sidewall conveyor belt will not take up much space in the food warehouse

Reduces error The conveyor belt system is automated so there is no room for error since the food products will automatically be transported from point A to point B.

Versatile speeds You will be able to be in control of how fast or slow you would like the conveyor to go.

Increases safety – Safety is always our top priority, and our automated conveyor systems will keep your employees safe. Instead of your employees constantly lifting and doing manual labor, our well-made machine will put in the work. With the help of a Cambelt conveyor, you can lower the chances of injury in the workplace. 

Why Choose Cambelt International for Automated Conveyor Belt Systems?

Firstly, we can guarantee that our belts will not delaminate. One crucial thing to look for in a food processing conveyor is that it meets all applicable sanitation requirements. Since every company produces a different product, here at Cambelt, we can conveniently custom-build conveyor belts for the food industry. Choose from various sanitary stainless steel casings. Our food conveyor systems also come in a wide range of different materials, including heat resistant (black), food-grade natural rubber (white), food grade oil- and fat-resistant (white), and more. When customizing a food handling conveyor, take into consideration the specific food items that be conveyed, the application, and the temperature of the facility. These steps will guide your decision on which stainless steel casing and material will get the job done right.

If would like to know more about the benefits of food processing conveyor systems, please contact our team.