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Farmers, miners, oil drillers, cement manufacturers, energy companies and food processors all face a similar challenge of moving huge amounts of dry bulk solids daily.  Bulk materials vary drastically in texture, moisture content, and size of pieces; the solutions for handling them are surprisingly comparable.

Cambelt International has been in business over 60 years

At the core of Cambelt’s technology is our unique and patented one-piece flexible sidewall conveyor belting.  Our patented belt design provides a structurally stronger material that can be transported up steep angles including vertical inclines.

In Cambelt’s propriety press, CamBelt, CamWall, and CamFlex conveyor belts are produced with the base belt, the sidewall, and the cleat or nubs molded and vulcanized together to for a homogenous belt with unsurpassed durability.  Cambelt GUARANTEES that its rugged, one-piece, homogeneously cured products will not delaminate.

Cambelt PROUDLY designs, engineers, manufactures and assembles all of our products in the USA

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