Conveyor Belt Engineering

At Cambelt, our leaders have over 40 years of specific conveyor design experience which has served thousands of customers looking to ensure that the application they are seeking a resolution for is met with the best in field consultation and design.

Thousands of customers like you have placed their trust in the Cambelt team for professional consultation, design, and manufacturing.  Let Cambelt’s Conveyor Belt Engineering team enhance your industrial capabilities with our tailored conveyor belt engineering services, celebrated for their unmatched durability and fully molded manufacturing process. Engineered to excel in the harshest conditions, our customized solutions guarantee reliability, longevity, and performance in every demanding environment.

Conveyor System Engineering

Cambelt is truly distinguished by the team of Engineers that design the equipment you need for your business. Our Engineering team offers 3-D modeling in solid works, so that no matter how unique the application becomes we can design a system that will work. We collaborate with you from step one to ensure you get the optimal equipment for the job. We offer 3-D exploded views of the individual assembled components, of which makes assembly, trouble shooting and parts identification quick and easy. Our team has over 130 years of combined engineering experience- this means you have an experienced team that collaborates on your project to ensure the best possible equipment is designed for your application.

If the application demands such, our engineers can model a facility showing our conveying system inside, fully showcasing the application. This makes it easier to align the application for a successful outcome. Cambelt Engineers are dedicated to ensuring appropriate design, fabrication, and application.

Our Engineers have the experience to oversee the installation and help with training before startup. This turnkey strategy helps to ensure longer life and a better experience with the equipment.

Fabrication and Production Manager

Our fabrication manager has been at Cambelt for over 10 years and enjoys working closely with the engineering manager.

Together, they can tackle any challenges that arise during the production process and find solutions quickly. Extensive field experience with our customers has created a unique understanding of their needs and expectations. The fabrication manager’s passion is looking for ways to improve our products and services and to satisfy our customers.

Field Service Advisor

At Cambelt, we provide a tier one level Field Service Advisor with over 15 years of experience in heavy industrial metal fabrication welding for the nuclear and oil industry.

Our Field Service Advisor has 8 years of experience in industrial maintenance, working with CNC, lasers, conveyors, and other industrial equipment and has been involved in 4 years of field service work, solving problems from both the manufacturer’s and the customer’s perspective. He has the skills and the knowledge to build, repair, and modify items according to your company’s specific needs. He can work outside of the box and deliver high-quality results.