What To Know About Z-Shaped Belt Conveyors

There are many different forms of belt conveyors in the market. They all seem to fit different purposes and handle materials differently. If you want to maximize your business’s potential, you will want to know the differences between all the different types. To help you get a head start, here is what to know about z-shaped belt conveyors and their benefits.

The Design

The design of a Z-shaped belt conveyor is quite a simple one once you break it down. It features a horizontal and flat conveyor that leads to an incline conveyor, then back to a flat conveyor at a different height from the first flat conveyor. This creates a singular belt conveyor that moves materials from one height to another.

Their Benefits

It’s easiest to separate the benefits of the Z-shaped belt conveyor into several different categories: Material handling, space usage, worker convenience, customization.

Material Handling

One of the things that makes the belts so useful is the fact that it’s a single conveyor system. Normally, it would take three conveyors—two flat and an incline conveyor—to produce the same effects as the Z-shaped belt conveyor. This would mean that the materials would transfer multiple times, risking more damage.

Space Saving

Similarly, the Z-shaped belt conveyor doesn’t take up as much room as the three different conveyors. Saving this space means that the conveyor is more efficient for the workplace and that you can use that open space for something else.

Convenience To Workers

The Z-shaped belt conveyor is capable of performing many useful things for employees as well. Normally, workers have to bend over to pick up materials on a conveyor. This conveyor can eliminate that by bringing materials up to the workers, helping prevent Injuries.

This should be almost everything about what to know about Z-shaped belt conveyors. The last thing is how customizable they are and how many different features you can add. You can change how it loads and unloads materials. Or, if you use a high incline conveyor, you can even change the angle of the incline.