What Conveyor System To Use in a Harsh Environment

Although a lot of conveyor belts are versatile and capable of handling a variety of materials and conditions, some environments are too rough. Sometimes material damages the conveyors or outside conditions are problematic. Luckily, there are plenty of conveyor systems out there that can handle harsher conditions. Here is what conveyor system to use in a harsh environment and what constitutes a harsh environment.


When a material is being moved, what’s demanded of the conveyor? This is an essential thing to consider. Many conveyor systems are capable of handling simple materials, but many can cause a lot of damage. Hard and sharp materials wear down a belt very quickly. Getting a metal conveyor belt to handle such things can work wonders.


Extreme temperature is another harsh condition that many conveyor systems deal with. Many materials and goods need to be kept at different temperatures that normal conveyors can’t handle. This causes a lot of problems and damage unless you get a conveyor system capable of working in extreme temperatures.


Sanitation is very important to conveyor systems that handle perishable materials such as food. Keeping the materials clean is difficult for many standard conveyor systems. That is why there are special conveyor systems meant to keep the contents clean and sanitary.

Enclosed Conveyors

Many different conveyor systems help overcome and address these harsh conditions. The enclosed belt conveyor system is probably the best system to do so. Materials are kept in a safe system that prevents leaking of temperature while keeping them separate from outside conditions. You can even get systems that handle whatever material you specifically transfer.

When it comes to what conveyor system to use in a harsh environment, there are many good options. Enclosed conveyors cover the widest variety of needs for many materials.