Top Ways To Improve Railcar Loading Safety

There are many innate risks involved when working with heavy machinery, and railcars are no exception. There are plenty of ways that railcars can cause injury during use. While there are many guidelines and safety requirements in place to reduce these risks, there are things you can do on your own end to decrease the risk to workers as well. Targeting the loading and unloading process is a good start, as a lot of injuries happen at this time. Here are the top ways to improve railcar loading safety.


One way to increase the safety of workers is to focus on the lighting of the loading process. The goal is to have enough light to enable your workers to see everything at once. At the same time, you need to be careful that you don’t blind them with too many lights.


Clear communication at every level is key to keeping everyone safe. When workers are loading a railcar, it is very important that they maintain clear communication. It is also important that employees are able to talk to their bosses about problems to avoid any issues. Shared training is a great way to improve communication for everyone.

Safety Equipment

Upgrading the equipment that assists in the loading and unloading of a railcar is another way to improve safety. Good equipment will enable workers to do their job faster and more safely. Things like railroad unloading conveyors or fall prevention cages can greatly improve safety.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A large cause of injuries in the use of heavy machinery is an unsafe environment. Spills or wet surfaces are a huge risk, along with obstacles obstructing pathways. Make sure you are cleaning the area frequently to cut down on these risks. You want to run frequent inspections of equipment and the area to find anything that needs maintenance. Practice preventative maintenance as well, as it will fix things before they break down and injure someone.

These are the top ways to improve railcar loading safety. However, asking your employees about what changes they think will improve their safety is a good practice as well; they know what will help them better than anyone else.