The Benefits of Overhead Conveyor Systems

When designing your conveyor systems, you’ll come across many options for potential systems. Each of these systems can provide great utility for your workplace, but overhead conveyor systems are a bit special and stand out from the group. Overhead conveyors add unique benefits to your conveyor system layout and can serve multiple purposes because of these advantages. To help you understand why these systems are useful, read about the benefits of overhead conveyor systems.

Use Space Efficiently

Conveyor systems are extremely helpful for carrying products and materials to other destinations, but they often underutilize the space you have. Overhead conveyor systems help maximize the amount of space a conveyor system uses by utilizing the open space above to transfer items and materials.

Improve Safety

Another benefit overhead conveyors offer is the extra safety they provide in comparison to normal conveyors. Unlike other conveyor systems, overhead conveyor systems sit well above employees’ heads to give them enough room to work without worrying about moving pieces. Totally enclosed belt conveyor systems that hang overhead are safe for workers.

Variety of Options

Overhead conveyor systems aren’t just a one-size-fits-all system; they come in a variety of options that can fit whatever needs you have. Whether you need to hang items as you transfer them or carry a liquid across a warehouse, there’s an overhead system capable of performing the action you need.

Custom Designs

Similar to the different options that an overhead conveyor has, you can also change and alter your conveyor system to fit your needs. Most overhead systems are modular, meaning they fit conveyors together to create the full system, letting you switch out different parts of the system to create whatever size or path you need.

These are the benefits of overhead conveyor systems that can help increase your productivity and safety. It may be a slight investment to get the system in place, but the efficiency a good overhead conveyor design can create is well worth the initial cost.