What To Consider in Conveyor System Design

Conveyor systems are the lifeblood of any big production or storage company. They even find use in other industries as well, and any business using them will need a well-executed conveyor system design to ensure success. Creating a good conveyor system takes careful planning and a lot of design work. Here is a guide on what to consider in conveyor system design that will hopefully make the process easier.


The biggest thing you must consider for your conveyor system is what materials you are moving. Every material has different needs, and a conveyor system must meet those needs. Belt conveyor designs can vary depending on what items you’re moving. For instance, a liquid will require a very different system than a bunch of grain or large boxes.


The distance that the material needs to travel is important as well. A straight conveyor system that moves items across the room is simpler than a system that needs to move materials into several rooms that are far away or upstairs. Accomplishing that feat might require high incline conveyors along with turning or sidewall conveyors.


The environment that the conveyors sit in is very important to the design considerations. A conveyor system needs to take into account any temperature differences or outside weather conditions. For example, a mining conveyor design will be different from a warehouse conveyor design. With considerations like weather to contend with, you might need an enclosed conveyor to help manage environmental factors.

Production Speed

Conveyors aren’t all the same; they have different speeds at which they can carry items and materials. This is something you need to plan for, as conveyors that are the wrong speed can cause problems with goods and lower overall productivity. A great conveyor system design can help you improve the efficiency of your facility.


The most important thing that you need to consider is the safety of employees that work around these systems. The conveyor systems you implement should never put your employees at risk. Make sure materials never fall off the conveyors and allow enough room for workers to move safely.

Once you fully plan what to consider in conveyor system design, you should be capable of creating a system that fulfills all of your production needs at optimal efficiency.