Farming and Agricultural Conveyor Belts

Modern farming has grown into a big industry that requires new tools. With bigger farms and bigger populations, this creates a need for bigger tools for the farm. Cambelt International supports the agricultural industry with reliable and farming and agricultural conveyor belts to perform a wide range of tasks from farm to door.

Many Jobs for Conveyor Belts in Modern Farming

We have conveyor belts that can stand up to the elements, arrange vertically to save space, and load quickly onto and off trains. Cambelt also makes mobile conveyor belts to expedite harvesting crops, so everything can be brought in at the right time, stored, and distributed as quickly and efficiently as possible. After all, farmers keep the country fed; it’s important that they can harvest and process crops when the time comes.

Our farming conveyor belts assist with harvesting, planting, and storing, but we also improve the ability to transport crops from one end of the farm to the other. We offer covered conveyors, conveyors with multiple inclines, and a variety of tread options. No matter what configuration or conveyor needs you may have, we can provide a solution. For instance, our vertical conveyor belt systems are ideal for unconventional farm setups, where space is at a premium and typical conveyor belt configurations won’t fit.

Cambelt conveyor belts are also at the top of the industry regarding their durability. Our conveyor belts are not vulcanized or glued; they are one large piece that we manufacture ourselves. We design our conveyor systems to be environmentally friendly, transport material safely with minimal damage, and not delaminate, ensuring years of reliable service.

Having the right agricultural conveyor belt system requires having the ideal knowledge and company to work with you. We sell our products worldwide but apply that insight everywhere—even to our most local customers. Contact our team to discover what system will work best for your needs. We work with companies of all sizes and all levels and want to see all our customers succeed.