3 Important Safety Tips for Entering Grain Silos

Entering a grain silo can be extremely dangerous and even deadly. Every year, countless incidents in the agriculture industry cause serious and fatal injuries to workers. Anyone who plans on entering a grain silo must be aware of the risks involved and take all necessary safety precautions. We’ll provide three important safety tips for entering grain silos so you can avoid accidents and injuries.

Wear Personal Protective Equipment

When entering a grain silo, it’s crucial to prioritize safety by wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This gear will protect you from hazards in the silo. Falling into the grain and getting trapped underneath is a serious concern, so wearing a rope and safety harness is essential to avoid such incidents.

Wear a respirator approved for toxic dust to prevent any respiratory issues. This is especially important if you encounter moldy silage. Adequate safety gear can ensure you safely navigate the challenges of working inside a grain silo and avoid any accidents or injuries.

Lockout the Control Circuit

One of the most crucial steps in ensuring your safety when entering a grain silo is to lockout the control circuit. Doing so can prevent any grain from entering the silo while you are inside. Grain can easily shift or flow, and it can threaten your safety if it does so while you are in the silo.

Suffocation is a major risk if you become trapped under shifting grain. Taking the time to lockout the control circuit is imperative and can potentially save your life. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

Always Work With a Team

Entering a grain silo can be extremely dangerous, so you should never do it alone. Always work with a team to keep everyone safe and address any risks. The team should consist of an entry supervisor, an attendant, and an entrant.

The entry supervisor leads the entire entry from beginning to end and inspects the silo for potential hazards, such as bridged or hung-up grain. They also inspect the silo’s atmosphere and perform the control circuit lockout. The attendant stays in contact with the entrant and monitors the space for any changing conditions that could pose risks. The entrant performs the work inside the grain silo, follows safety precautions, and communicates with the attendant.

Now that you know the essential safety tips for entering a grain silo, you can complete this task carefully. At Cambelt, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible solutions for your material handling needs; our high-quality selection of silo reclaimers makes it easy to complete operations safely and efficiently. Check them out to enhance safety when handling materials and working in silos.