Cambelt’s radial silo reclaimer is a mechanical reclaimer system that has been developed to take advantage of the dome’s superior volume utilization and structural strength. The dome reclaimer is designed to allow the interior space to be completely filled. This occurs through the mechanism being fully buried in the material, as opposed to obstructing the interior space. The dome or silo reclaimer allows for maximum capacity fill for more material to be stored compared to other mechanical reclaimers.

With over 25 years of operating experience at 35 storage terminals globally, Cambelt has the experience and expertise to meet your bulk reclaiming needs. With systems available in reclaim-only and stacker reclaimer versions, this technology dramatically reduces the overall cost of storing and reclaiming bulk materials. For more information on our circular reclaimer systems, please feel free to contact us.

For storage of bulk dry material or goods, concrete domes provide a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option to keep your material safe. Although concrete domes are incredible for collection and long-term storage, filling and reclaiming material presents a challenge. Our goal at Cambelt is to provide you with leading equipment to face material handling challenges, such as dome and silo reclaiming. The engineered equipment available from Cambelt is the most effective solution to retrieving material stored in concrete domes.

Here are just some of the advantages to Cambelt’s dome and silo reclaimers:

  • Lower Capital Investment
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Full reclaim of material
  • Increased operational safety as fully automatic reclaim – no personnel inside dome
  • Minimal product degradation
  • Simple foundation requirements

With great short- and long-term benefits, investing in dome or silo reclaimer equipment is an easy decision to make. From the initial conversation to the final installation, Cambelt can help you select and implement the reclaimer system correctly. If you have questions or are interested in hearing more about our industry-leading equipment, contact us today.

dome reclaimer system
dome reclaimer system