Important Features for a Mining Conveyor Belt System

Mining creates tons of materials that need refinement at a processing plant. However, moving these materials isn’t easy; they require the proper equipment for efficient transportation. One of the most common methods is mining conveyor systems that move the materials wherever you need. A mining conveyor is special in comparison to a regular conveyor system, and that’s because of the special demands mining places on belt conveyors. This article covers the important features for a mining conveyor belt system that make the systems work.

Your Material

Mining conveyors are special because of the intense wear your materials can place on them. Moving tons of hard material every hour requires specific designs and features so the conveyor doesn’t break down. One example of a system that handles moving mining materials well is sidewall cleated belt conveyors, which have walls on either side to hold in the materials as they move.

Material and Environmental Risks

The material might be corrosive or acidic in nature. Flammable materials also present a major risk. The environment can pose a risk too, as intense temperatures or other environmental factors can impact the conveyors. Mining conveyors must handle all these risks using fireproof and non-corrosive material and still perform efficiently.

Production Speed

The rate that items move along the conveyor is important. If it goes too fast or too slow, there could be a lot of potential problems, especially when it’s handling thousands of pounds. The same is true of the length and width of the conveyor system. Speed determines the efficiency of the whole processing operation.

These are the important features for a mining conveyor belt system that helps the system work. Without addressing all these concerns, the conveyor system would quickly break down and you would be lucky to fix it.