Things To Consider Regarding Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Cambelt International conveyor belts are highly durable and very simple to maintain. To ensure your conveyor belt remains in good condition, here are three things to consider when cleaning.

Your Prep Work: Dry, Clean, and Rinse

Before you start to deep clean your conveyor belt, it’s important to conduct some prep work that ensures better results and helps protect the condition of your belt. The first prep step is dry cleaning, which involves removing any debris from the belt and surrounding support structures, such as the sidewall.

Once the surfaces are free of all debris, it’s time to pre-rinse. Pre-rinse your belt with heated water (about 125-130 degrees Fahrenheit) with a pressure between 150-300 psi. This process helps remove any tiny pieces of debris and dust, as well as prepare the belt for more rigorous cleaning.

Applying Detergents

The next step you must consider when deep cleaning your conveyor belt is whether or not to use a cleaning detergent. In some industries, like food and beverage production, the need for completely sanitized environments requires the use of detergents. However, if you leave these chemicals on the belt for too long, there’s a chance they could dry and become much harder to remove during your next cleaning session.

If you must use detergent, we recommend only letting it sit on the belt for 10 to 15 minutes. Apply your detergent with a pressure of 150 psi. Later down the line in your cleaning process, you’ll apply another sanitizer, so a cleaning detergent isn’t always required.

Running the Belt During Sanitation

We always recommend you run your conveyor belt when applying the final sanitation products. This ensures total coverage of cleaning solutions on all surfaces and components, providing the best possible results.

Use a slow and consistent speed when doing this step to better control the distribution of sanitizing products. Finally, completely remove any remaining sanitizer with a quick wash, allowing the runoff to pour down a drain.

Luckily, there isn’t much to consider when cleaning your conveyor belt. That’s because our products here at Cambelt International are built tough and are simple to maintain! Browse our selection of high-quality items, such as our corrugated sidewall conveyor belt. You can contact our friendly team today to ensure you find the perfect belt for your needs.