What Are the Different Types of Conveyor Systems

Did you know that there are many different types of conveyor systems, each with its own unique capabilities, advantages, and shortcomings? Here are the three most common conveyor systems you’ll find throughout different facilities in the US and globally.

Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt conveyor systems are perhaps the most common forms found across various industries, including manufacturing, warehouse/logistics, packaging, automotive, food/beverage, and more. They’re also the systems that we specialize in at Cambelt! Belt systems operate with two motorized pulleys that pull a “belt” across roller supports. Sidewalls are sometimes used to stabilize objects in motion, especially for turns and inclines. We carry a variety of belts for different situations, like the Camflex belt that features a nubbed surface suitable for inclines between 65 and 70 degrees.

Chain Conveyor Systems

Unlike a belt conveyor system that features a two-pully mechanism, chain conveyor systems use a continuous system of interlocking gears and chains to pull the items in the desired direction. These conveyor systems are more straightforward to repair because their components are easily accessible and are better suited for carrying heavy objects. However, it’s easier to damage an item on a chain conveyor system than on a belt conveyor system.

Drag Conveyor Systems

Drag conveyor systems are quite similar to chain and belt conveyor systems in that they utilize motorized power and an endless chain to transport items in the desired direction. However, drag conveyors mainly move free-flowing materials, such as agricultural materials, with the use of paddles. You can easily adjust your drag conveyor system for vertical conveying. Additionally, you can choose from several variations of drag conveyors, including drag-chain, en-masse, and tubular conveyor systems.

Understanding the different types of conveyor systems is essential for any business, as various industries require very specific conveying capabilities. If you’re looking for the perfect system for your company, look no further than Cambelt! We’re among the best mobile belt conveyor manufacturers and have the right products for you.