3 Tips To Increase Your Conveyor’s Efficiency

Conveyor systems are extremely invaluable for many industries. They expedite transportation processes, reduce human labor, and boost a business’s overall workflow. However, as with any machine, there are specific steps you can take to enhance your conveyor belt’s performance further. Here are three tips to increase your conveyor’s efficiency.

Use the Right Belt and System

The easiest way to ensure your conveyor system operates effectively and efficiently is to use the right setup for your needs. For instance, certain conveyor belts are better for transporting heavy loads, while others are best for moving loose objects like seeds and grains. You should determine which belt meets your requirements best.

Additionally, you can opt for a pull conveyor system instead of a push conveyor system. Pull systems are nearly 50 to 70 percent more efficient compared to push systems, as pulling increases load capacity. If you truly want to increase the speed of your conveyor belt, consider installing endless splicing equipment, fasteners, and segmented transfer plates to support a faster system.

Conduct Regular Cleanings

Even with the perfect setup in your facility, issues with conveyor efficiency may persist. That’s why you need to conduct regular cleanings of your conveyor system.

This ensures that debris won’t interact with the components of your conveyor belt, slowing performance significantly. Additionally, a well-maintained system is much less likely to suffer from malfunctions and extended downtime.

Utilize a Railcar Unloading System

In situations where the use of a fixed conveyor system is impractical, you need a solution that offers flexibility without sacrificing workflow and performance. We recommend using aggregate railcar unloading systems for these instances, specifically when transferring loose materials to silos.

The mobility of these railcar unloading systems allows them to move from operating line to operating line with ease. Our models have designs that reduce environmental impact by limiting material loss during the unloading process.

Use these three tips today to instantly increase your conveyor’s efficiency. If you require additional assistance in boosting the performance of your system, contact our team at Cambelt today. We’re eager to help provide you with the very best conveyor resources and solutions.