Differences Between Open and Closed Conveyor Belts

Are you looking for the perfect conveyor system for your business? You might be surprised to learn that there are, in fact, various kinds of conveyor systems to consider, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Learn more about the differences between open and closed conveyor belts and how a closed system can benefit your business. 

Open vs. Closed Conveyor Belt Systems

The difference between an open and closed conveyor belt system is quite obvious—closed systems feature structures that enclose the belt surface, while open systems have exposed belt surfaces. An enclosed conveyor belt features an airtight design that completely prevents dust and other contaminants from getting into your products. Some closed conveyor systems even allow for vacuum operation, providing a cleaner environment.

Benefits of Closed Conveyor Systems

The benefits of having a closed conveyor belt and system are invaluable, especially in industries that require specific, rigid health regulations and sanitary processing environments. Pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing, and various sects of agriculture are all highly suitable applications for closed conveyor belts. That’s because these systems are completely sealed, which prevents dust and other contaminants from polluting your products. Additionally, these systems are useful for outdoor applications and can prevent weather elements from entering your conveyor environment. While not totally necessary for all situations, a closed conveyor system guarantees cleaner environments for your products.

Applicable for Inclines

The best part about closed conveyor systems is that they’re very versatile and applicable for most configurations, including inclined cleated belt conveyor systems. Cambelt recognizes that various industries feature strict regulations that may require an enclosed conveyor system. Rest assured that we have the right products to ensure a suitable conveyor design regardless of the layout of your facility or space. This flexibility allows you to get better value out of your available floor area and benefit your business overall!

There aren’t many differences between open and closed conveyor belts, but there are significant advantages and disadvantages for both types of systems. Contact our team at Cambelt today to learn more about the various types of conveyor systems and which is best for your specific needs.