3 Interesting Facts About Silo Reclaimers

Reclaiming devices are used to transport stockpile materials effectively and efficiently. However, from a surface level, you wouldn’t assume anything remarkable regarding these machines. Read on to learn three interesting facts about silo reclaimers and reclaiming technology.

No Frontier Is Too Challenging

Most people are used to seeing silo reclaimer devices set up over large stockpiles of heavy materials. However, thanks to advancements in reclaimer technology, similar machines can operate in a wide variety of environments. In fact, there are reclaiming and stacking devices capable of working underwater. They feature dredging equipment and waterproof design elements to allow functionality when submerged. Underwater reclaimers are usually used for seafloor mining applications. There are also devices with self-warming capabilities that are durable in frigid temperatures and unforgiving environments. At this rate of advancement, we may see a silo reclaimer transporting materials on another planet one day!

Different Reclaimer Types

The very first silo reclaimers were manually operated. Workers transferred and extracted conveyed material with tools such as shovels. These days, however, there is a wide variety of silo reclaimers that provide helpful functions related to specific applications. For example, a portal reclaimer is designed to reclaim smaller stockpiles from outdoor locations and features a moving digging mechanism. For larger-scale operations and projects may require a more robust bridge reclaimer. There are also different types of stacking devices available for various applications, including the bucket and circular stacker reclaimer. Ultimately, it’s wise to consult with professionals before investing in a reclaimer system to ensure you have a machine that fits your needs.

Responsible for Industry Growth

Despite being one of the oldest industries in human history, mining and earth material extraction continues to grow on a global scale. Silo reclaimers and reclaimer technology has played a major role in this sustained industrial success. These devices save businesses millions each year on labor, time, and general operating costs. As a result, industries like coal mining are among the largest on the globe. Along with other technological advancements, silo reclaimers will continue to boost success in the many different sectors they are found in.

These interesting facts about silo reclaimers highlight their value and versatility across many different industries. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of silo reclaiming devices, as well as which system is ideal for your needs, contact our friendly team at Cambelt International today!