Top Reasons To Use an Enclosed Conveyor Outside

Conveyor systems are useful in just about every industry that produces, stores, or manufactures goods. However, there’s no one system that shines above the rest; every material or product has different requirements for its conveyor system. The environment surrounding the conveyor system can have a huge impact on the design of the conveyor. However, certain types of conveyors are extremely useful and efficient in certain conditions. This is why it’s important that you learn about the different conveyor systems if you plan on upgrading yours. Here are the top reasons to use an enclosed conveyor outside in your conveyor system.

What’s an Enclosed Conveyor?

An enclosed conveyor has several different forms, but the basic premise is that the conveyor belt has a protective outer layer that separates it from unwanted influence. There isn’t a generic design that fits an enclosed conveyor, and they can carry a variety of different materials because of the different designs. The casing enclosing the system is typically made of metal. One popular style of enclosed conveyor only covers the conveyor tracks, protecting them from material buildup.

The Benefits of an Enclosed Conveyor

You’ll read about the numerous benefits of using an enclosed conveyor as you go further into this article. Here’s a small overview: they protect the materials in transportation and the conveyor system itself from outside influences. There’s a wide variety of systems, which makes them great for numerous materials while offering increased safety to the workers and the goods in transit.


A major advantage of enclosed conveyors is that they’re waterproof. A large issue many manufactures or processing plants have is bad weather affecting their stock as it comes in. Some enclosed conveyors are capable of withstanding bad weather and keep products dry and intact.


Some enclosed conveyor systems are great for separating the goods they transfer from any contaminants or particles you don’t want mixed in with them. This is very useful for electronics or medical products that can’t have any contaminations. They also help contain any messy products that might otherwise clog up or dirty the conveyor systems. You can use these types of enclosed conveyor systems to prevent dangerous particles and dirt from entering the air.

Temperature Control

Some systems are capable of isolating products and transferring them at certain temperatures. Many industries find this very useful. Temperature control means you can transfer perishables and heat products very easily—and with no risk to your conveyor systems. This can be very useful for any agricultural or material-processing industry.

Increased Safety

Enclosed conveyors can increase the safety of workers. Most enclosed conveyors have far less exposed pinch points and moving parts than regular conveyor systems. This limits the chances of employees hurting themselves on the conveyors by accident. Additionally, since the conveyors hold the materials as they move, they massively lower the risk of any product or materials falling off. Thus, they help keep employees safe at the workplace and reduce potential worker injuries.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of enclosed conveyors is the reduction of maintenance; you don’t have to give it the same amount of upkeep that you’d give to a typical conveyor system. A good, enclosed conveyor system prevents contaminants and buildup from entering the mechanisms that move the conveyor along. This decreases the amount of maintenance you need to perform since problems related to accumulation will happen less often. Follow the maintenance schedule that comes with the conveyor system you purchase to prevent lots of possible problems.

Different Designs

Not every enclosed conveyor system is the same, and this individuality is one of the major benefits when it comes to using them. You can choose enclosed systems that fit your exact needs and the needs of your materials. In the next section of this article, you’ll read an overview of some of the different things you can change on an enclosed conveyor system.

Different Sizes

You can customize your system’s size and shape. An enclosed conveyor can be the same size as the typical conveyor systems you use in your processing plants. However, they can also be hundreds of feet long, which makes them very useful for moving goods from the outside to the inside while protecting them at the same time. You can also change the width of the conveyor so it can carry the exact load you need.


One useful feature that you can add to your enclosed belt conveyor system are walkways. Investing in wide enclosed conveyors lets you include features such as walkways and multiple conveyor belts in the same space. This can save you a lot of space and help your workers navigate the workplace easier than before.

Heavy-Duty or Light-Weight

One of the great things about enclosed conveyors is that they can handle just about any material or product you could want. Whether you’re moving thousands of pounds of coal or gently transferring some medical products, you can find a system that’s going to fit the bill. When you’re working with the proper system for your needs, you’ll have the efficiency you need to succeed in all your endeavors.

Different Conveyor Belts or Conveyance Systems

An enclosed system can use more than just a simple belt conveyor. Almost every type of conveyor solution is possible in an enclosed conveyor. They can even feature overhead hanging systems or other non-typical systems you might want for your products. When you have so many different options to use for your work, your operations will move along smoothly.

Custom Design

If you want your system to have a custom design or if you need a unique feature, get a modular system that’ll adjust and fit whatever you need. Most conveyor system manufacturers will help create a system that matches your needs and fit your requirements. Whether you need a system that’s weatherproof and large or simply want to increase the safety of your workers, the proper system manufacturers can help you out.

These are the top reasons to use an enclosed conveyor outside. All these features make enclosed conveyors extremely useful. Order systems that are weatherproof, customizable, safe, and all-around perfect for outside work.

Top Reasons To Use an Enclosed Conveyor Outside