How Closed Conveyor Systems Increase Workplace Safety

Closed conveyor systems safely and efficiently transport materials between two locations. They use enclosed tracks to move items, which helps protect workers from potential hazards associated with manual handling. Utilizing closed conveyor systems in your workplace ensures that employees remain safe while effectively performing their duties. Here’s how closed conveyor systems increase workplace safety.

They Have Fewer Pinch Points

Closed conveyor systems increase workplace safety because they have fewer pinch points. A pinch point is any area where two moving parts or objects can come into contact with each other, creating the risk of injury due to crushing forces. This issue could occur when a person’s clothing or body part gets caught between two moving components, such as rollers on a conveyor belt. The use of closed conveyor systems helps minimize these risks by enclosing the tracks and using guardrails that keep people from accessing dangerous points along them.

They Reduce the Risk of Falling Objects

Closed conveyor systems are also designed to reduce the risk of objects falling from their tracks and causing potential harm. These systems use guard rails along the track’s sides to prevent items from slipping or falling. This safeguard ensures workplace safety by minimizing the risk of injury. Additionally, enclosed tracks come with various features, such as sensors that detect obstructions and secure brackets that keep packages and boxes firmly in place while transporting. This process helps ensure that even when there is high activity on or around the conveyor system, materials will remain safely secured until they reach their destination.

They Reduce the Risk of Injuries

Closed conveyor systems reduce the risk of manual handling injuries by eliminating the need for workers to lift or carry materials manually. Instead, they are securely transported along enclosed tracks with minimal effort from staff. Additionally, people do not directly handle items when using closed conveyors, so the items are less likely to get damaged during transit. Closed conveyor systems also help prevent accidental contact between people and machinery components while they’re in motion. This process reduces the risk of crushing injury if someone comes into contact with a rotating part, such as an exposed roller on a traditional open-style conveyor belt. These types of risks are eliminated when using closed-track designs.

Now that you know the ways closed conveyor systems increase workplace safety, you can determine if these systems are right for your business. Check out Cambelt for our high-quality selection of conveyor systems, including inclined cleated belt conveyors.