Design Elements You Need for a Reliable Grain Elevator

Anyone who runs a farm knows the value of a good grain elevator. It stores grain safely and greatly reduces the time it takes to retrieve and use the grain. However, an unreliable or inefficient grain elevator is no better than not having one at all. That’s why learning the design elements you need for a reliable grain elevator is so important and valuable.


The first step for creating a reliable grain elevator isn’t an internal design feature but the location of the entire system. Ideally, your grain elevator shortens the distance you travel for grain, so getting a system that’s easy to access is important. You also need a location that makes drying and powering your elevator cost-efficient.

Moving Materials

A huge part of grain elevators is storing and moving the materials inside. When you’re looking for a system that moves your grains, you want something which won’t damage or drop the grain as well as being food safe. The best systems for this usually include corrugated sidewall conveyor belts which transport grain while limiting spills and overflow.

Fit Your Needs

Every farm is different and will need different grain storage areas and feeding systems. Luckily, you can easily get farming conveyor systems with a lot of customization that’ll fit your needs. Before you go shopping, figure out the requirements your grain elevator should fulfill for your specific yield.

Space for Growth

One of the most important design elements you need for a reliable grain elevator is a system that won’t only hold what you already produced. It should also have space for growth on your farm. Whether that means you change your crops or add on more land, your grain elevator should be ready to accommodate any change. Otherwise, you’ll just need a new system every time your farm grows, increasing the cost of future plans and lowering the value of your initial investment. Farming is hard, necessary work, for that you need a grain elevator that’s up to the task – that’s where Cambelt International comes in, call us today to see what systems we can make for you.