Benefits of Choosing an Enclosed Belt Conveyor System

When it comes to choosing a conveyor system, there’s a lot you need to consider. One crucial consideration is whether to get an exposed or enclosed system. Exposed systems will get the job done, but enclosed systems have several advantages that put them over the top. Below, we go over the benefits of choosing an enclosed belt conveyor system for your facility. Read on to learn more.

What’s an Enclosed Track?

An enclosed belt features a chain that runs within a round track. Unlike the exposed chain and track of I- beam systems, an enclosed system’s chain and track have a protective outer layer covering them that prevents residue buildup.

Benefits of Enclosed Belt Conveyors

There are numerous benefits to choosing an enclosed belt conveyor system. Here are just a few reasons you should choose this versatile conveyor style for your facility.

Protect the Track

Enclosed systems protect the track from water penetration and debris. Less debris buildup means less time you have to spend cleaning your system and less material loss from contamination.

Safer for Materials and Workers

Enclosed systems have fewer pinch points and moving parts than other systems. This means they’re less likely to harm materials and workers.


Enclosed systems tend to have small, light components. These allow you to easily run them at various angles.

Use Overhead Conveyors Freely

Do you want to use an overhead system but worry about contaminating products down below? Enclosed tracks prevent dirt and other contaminants from drifting down and contaminating floor-level materials.

Where To Get Enclosed Track Systems

If you’re looking for enclosed conveyor systems for your facility, come and see what Cambelt has to offer. With over 60 years in the business, we understand how to make sturdy, functional conveyor systems that meet a wide range of needs. Contact us today for help choosing the best enclosed system for your business.