From harvesting to processing to transport to the end buyer, the uses of conveyor belts in the agriculture industry are numerous. They are the ideal equipment to have on hand when working with loading, processing, and transporting bulk product. When carefully selected based on your production needs, agricultural conveyors can increase your efficiency and decrease what might have otherwise been a time consuming or costly task.

Used by farmers all over the world, conveyors serve an essential role in the agriculture system. Of course, there are several styles of conveyor belts in the agriculture industry used on a regular basis. From portable conveyors used in gathering and sorting the harvest to filling and reclaim systems for silos, every part of the cycle–from ground to market–includes an essential conveyor element.

What to Consider When Looking for Farm Conveyor Systems

Use: Above all else, knowing the intended use will direct your search. Look for equipment intended or custom made for agricultural use. This may differ substantially from what you might find in an industrial or other material handling setup, as when dealing with food or produce, you will have specific guidelines to follow.

Design: For each task, consider how the desired traits of your conveyor system change. For in-field work, you’ll more than likely require an enclosed, inclined conveyor that will quickly and efficiently load the harvest into transport vehicles. As for when it reaches a food processing facility, you will require a permanent fixture that is perfectly sculpted into the infrastructure of your facility.

Lastly, consider quality and durability. Engineering of conveyor belts in the agriculture industry may sway from low quality to high quality, depending on your supplier. Always do your research to determine you’re purchasing equipment that is engineered for your intended use.

For more information on selecting agricultural conveyor systems, talk with material handling experts at Cambelt. We have supplied various agricultural industry clients with our U.S. made equipment to fill their conveyor system needs.