5 Tips for Choosing the Correct Belt for Your Conveyor

The belt is one of the most crucial components of a conveyor system and can be the difference between your conveyor working poorly or exactly as intended. There’s a lot to consider when selecting a belt for your equipment. To help you select a belt that’s best suited to your needs, follow these tips for choosing the correct belt for your conveyor from Cambelt.

Check the Dimensions

The dimensions of the belt are among the most vital factors to consider. Take the time to accurately record the dimensions of your conveyor and any fabrications, such as cleats and hole punching. Once you have your dimensions, you can rule out certain belt constructions if they have an incompatible width-to-length ratio.

Consider the Environment

The environment of your warehouse is a crucial consideration when choosing a conveyor belt. Certain belt materials won’t hold up well against extreme temperatures, dust, oil, and other contaminants. So if you’re located in a particularly humid area or handle products like oil cans, you need to choose your belt carefully.

What Kind of Products Do You Handle?

The products you handle also influence the kind of belt you should get. For example, if you work with sharp, pointy products, you need a belt that can withstand cuts and abrasions. Conversely, if you work with sticky, oily, powdery products, you need a belt that won’t break when exposed to these textures and are easy to clean.

Which Design Is Best?

There are many kinds of belts for conveyors, each with their pros and cons. Cleated belts are ideal for tilted conveyors, wash down belts are suited to food handling, standard belts are the belt of choice for industrial environments, and so much more.

Incline vs. Decline

Our final tip for choosing a conveyor belt is to consider the slope of your equipment. Does your conveyor have an incline or decline? If so, it’s recommended that you choose a belt with a stopper, like a cleated belt, to ensure products don’t slip around haphazardly.

At Cambelt, we carry a wide variety of belting made in-house, including cleated conveyor belting. Our products are suited to a myriad of industries and are meticulously engineered to the highest quality standards. Contact us today to learn more about our assorted belting products.