4 Do's and Don'ts of Conveyor Belt Safety

Are you looking to protect yourself and others better when working with heavy machinery? Here are four do’s and don’ts of conveyor belt safety you should know.

DO Consider Your Extremities & Hair

You must consider the dangers of exposing your extremities and hair to hazardous machinery such as a conveyor belt system. The most common conveyor belt-related injuries often involve an arm, the sleeve of a baggy shirt, or a ponytail getting caught in the mechanics. It’s essential to wear tight-fitting clothing, remove any hand, arm, and neck jewelry, and mind the placement of your extremities when operating around an active conveyor belt.

DON’T Interfere With the Belt & Related Mechanisms

Active conveyor belts rely on complex clusters of mechanisms to function properly. This assortment of moving parts is also capable of causing physical harm to your body. We highly recommend you never interfere with the belt or other active mechanisms when your system is operational. This tip is especially useful for incline conveyor systems and different sections of your machinery that don’t involve frequent interaction.

DO Educate & Train Your Staff Regularly

The easiest way to prevent conveyor belt-related injuries (and most other workplace accidents) is by regularly educating yourself and others about the dangers and proper procedures of the environment. Keeping everyone up-to-date on safety policy changes, or simply refreshing your employees’ memory on hazards, keeps your entire business better prepared in the event of an emergency.

Take time to ensure you and your staff have the proper training to use the conveyor belt system before beginning operations. Conducting training sessions regularly, even for seasoned employees, especially following any system updates or repairs.

DON’T Neglect Pressing Complications

Like any heavy machinery, conveyor belt systems are prone to mechanical complications from normal wear and tear or damage caused by outside factors. These issues are obvious hazards and jeopardize all employees’ safety and well-being. Luckily, the impact of these problems is easy to mitigate if you swiftly take action! When you notice an issue with your conveyor belt systems, such as misalignment or inconsistent performance, you must reach out to the manufacturer, distributor, and/or a certified repair professional for the best solutions. These quick services should boost the durability of your conveyor belt system and prevent a more costly repair down the road.

Follow these four do’s and don’ts of conveyor belt safety to ensure smarter interactions between you and your system. For additional information and help regarding your conveyor belt system, such as troubleshooting performance issues or replacing broken components, contact our team at Cambelt International today!