Various Bulk Materials Dome Reclaimers

Automated Dome Reclaim System Cambelt's automated dome reclaiming systems are in operation throughout the world. This proven reclaiming technology is used for storing large quantities of bulk materials. While this technology is most often used in cement storage and reclamation, it does have application for a wide variety of bulk materials. One such installation in Courtright, Ontario Canada manages Synthetic Gypsum, a difficult non-flowing, sticky material, at 600 MTPH. This was successfully tested prior to installation in Cambelt's test dome facility. Another such installation is in Lagerdorf, Germany where the Cambelt Automated Reclaiming system pulls Flyash from a 40,000 metric ton storage dome at 100 MTPH.


The dome reclaim system pulls the stored material to the center of the dome and discharges to the load-out conveying system through a 72" to 96 " diameter opening. Initially, the stored material will gravity discharge without the use of the screw, until it approaches its angle of repose. The reclaim screw is then lowered to the pile and the screw begins to cut into the pile, gently assisting the material to the discharge opening. Only during the final phase of reclaim of material from the dome does the 'open' screw perform all of the work of drawing the material to the discharge opening.

Cambelt's dome reclaim systems work in concert with our durable, high capacity incline conveyors to move bulk materials in and out of dome storage.
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Automated Reclaim Systems

Cambelt Automated Reclaim Systems have enabled the construction of dome storage terminals in dozens of U.S. and worldwide locations. This technology dramatically reduces the overall cost of storing and reclaiming bulk materials.

  • Lower investment
  • Reduced manpower
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Full utilization of dome
  • Full reclaim of material
  • High reclaim capacity
  • Blending of product
  • Operational safety
  • Minimal product degradation
  • Simple foundation requirements

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