Fully Molded Trencher and Road Profiler Belts

Cambelt manufactures OEM and replacement rubber conveyor belts for use with many makes and models of portable trenching or road surfacing machinery. Available with or without molded "v-guides" on the back side. Our fully molded belts come in many different configurations. We can provide straight cleated belts or chevron cleated belts.

Our alternative CamFlex or CamPro "nubbed belt" construction will carry rough materials up steep inclines while protecting the base carcass of the belt at the same time. Available in various heights and patterns, this unique design will positively convey your aggregates uphill. The very efficient discharge stream coming from a CamFlex or CamPro belt is a continuous flow, not interrupted by blank spaces.

  • Available in a variety of chevron or cleat patterns, with or without v-guides
  • Order with either a low cleat or beefy cleat
  • Available with 3 inch tall CamWall straight cleats or CamFlex nubs
  • No glued on cleats or v-guides
  • No glue PERIOD! Fully molded belts
  • 3 to 5 times longer belt life
  • Guaranteed against delamination
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