(Dual) T-Belt collection conveyor
Model CF-2445

A vital piece of equipment for any mass frac job. This version is designed with redundant CamFlex 24" wide belt conveyors and redundant diesel power. Same with hydraulic pumps, motors, fluid supply and control systems. The large diverter chute will accept sand from the belt conveyor on either side, and will divert to a blender hopper in either of two directions. The horizontal inlet hopper section is equipped with diverter plates so that the belt conveyors can be fed from either side. The length of the horizontal section can be designed to accept sand from up to seven sand storage trailers.

These T-belt conveyors can be parked three to a side and one over the rear. Delivery rates to the blenders are 20,000 to 25,000 lbs./minute from either belt. An optional hydraulic lifting leg system will eliminate the need for a winch truck to load and unload for towing. The optional electric control panel allows for remote operation of (up to six) sand storage trailers' feed gates from the T-Belt. Robust construction. Road legal. This is the 'gold standard' of the industry.

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