Sand Storage Trailer Replacement Belting

Cambelt's unique, fully molded in one piece belting is guaranteed against sidewall delamination because it's never been "laminated" in the first place. This product delivers belt life and real value superior to any competitive sidewall belting.


  • Ask for a sample.
  • Our belt is NOT GLUED TOGETHER!
  • It will not fall apart!
  • Ask for a shipment from stock.
  • Now at a new LOW PRICE!
  • Belt for any manufacturer's trailer.

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Fully Molded Construction

Cambelt International Corporation belting products give the greatest value for your money spent. Happily, our prices are still competitive with the cheaper brands, but you can expect that your Cambelt produced product will be returning your investment long after the "Brand X" belt would have landed on the scrap pile.

The difference is in our "fully molded" design and construction. We carefully load high quality, uncured, raw rubber and base "belt ply" materials into our CNC machined belt molds prior to the chemical vulcanizing and pressing processes. The belt comes from the belt mold in the exact configuration that you intend to use it in.

It can't fall apart into separate pieces because it was never glued together from pre-cured pieces in the first place. It's a "no brainer" for quality.

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