Portable Frac Sand Conveyor (Model 1210 HD)

portable sand conveyors
Cambelt's portable frac sand conveyors are ideal for loading and unloading sand from a frac sander or for many other bulk material handling tasks. The heavy duty chassis and belting are built to stand up to the harshest conditions in the oil field, at the quarry, or construction site.

  • 125 HP @ 2200 RPM diesel engine
  • Variable discharge height up to 14' 5"
  • Heavy duty axle, with (4 ea) 20" rims
  • Air brakes
  • Pintle eye towing hitch

Portable Conveyors of Unmatched Quality and Versatility

frac sand conveyor Every aspect of this mobile conveyor system is built for function and versatility. It can be easily towed into place and the discharge spout adjusted to the needed height. The pump system, hydraulic reservoir, and valving are designed so that the conveyor power package can also be used as an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for other equipment, thereby eliminating the need to maintain separate APU's at the well site.

The frac sand conveyor features a twelve inch wide "nubbed" CamFlex belt, ideal for convincing wet or dry sand to efficiently move up inclines. All Cambelt belting is manufactured in our factory using our patented homogeneously cured rubber construction. Belts manufactured using this technique last three to five times longer in the field, reducing the risk of expensive downtime.

Efficient operation at the well site depends on all your equipment functioning harmoniously. Cambelt manufactures a complete line of frac sand handling equipment in addition to the portable sand conveyor including T-belts and storage trailers. Contact us to discuss your equipment requirements and learn more about Cambelt quality.

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