Portable Railcar Unloaders

Model 1210 Portable
Rail Car Unloaders

Model 2410 Portable
Rail Car Unloaders

Model 2420 Transloaders
(Electric Powered)

Model 2420 Transloaders
(Diesel Powered)

Specialized Portable

Cambelt's portable railcar unloaders and transloaders are designed for situations where it is impractical to have a fixed unloader working from a pit under the rail. Our mobile conveyor systems have low profile inlets to allow for easy movement underneath railcars and to fit comfortably under hoppers. These units can be moved between lines as needed and transload back and forth between trucks and railcars while minimizing the need to reposition heavy equipment. All our unloaders are air tight so they can be used for material with high environmental sensativity and in inclement weather conditions.

Depending on your needs, our portable conveyor belt systems are available with either 12" or 24" widths in 3 practical heights. Our self propelled transloaders offer both diesel and electric options. All Cambelt mobile conveyors are capable of handling a variety of pellets, granules, and fine powders thanks to our unique nubbed belting. These belts are made with one-piece molded construction to provide unsurpassed durability.

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Reliable Belting

The unique nature of our "CamBelt" and "CamFlex" conveyor belting allows us design flexibility (regarding both mobile and static sand conveying and storage equipment) that cannot be duplicated by competitors using standard flat conveyor belt configurations.

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