Portable Rail Car Transloaders - Model 2410

The CamBelt Portable Rail Car Transloader takes bulk materials of all types from under a hopper car and elevates them at a 60-degree incline to standard discharge heights up to 15' 7".

It is ideally suited for applications where the use of permanent equipment in a pit beneath the rail is not practical. Its portability and low profile configuration enable the inlet to be positioned in the very restricted space between the rail and the bottom of the hopper car discharge port.

A unique nubbed conveyor belt exclusive to CamBelt conveyors, enables unloading and elevating with the same piece of equipment. The belt and material are propelled through a completely enclosed housing which eliminates problems related to dust control, product loss, and inclement weather. The CamBelt portable rail car unloader is suitable for unloading a wide variety of products, including pellets, granules, and very fine powders, regard- less of flowability. It will accept materials up to 3/4" maximum particle size and will handle very fragile products with a minimum of degradation.

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