"Mini" Frac Sand Storage Trailers - Models CF450 - CF800 - CF1250

Frac Sander Trailers of this unique design, also called a frac sander, will store between 450 cu. ft. and 1250 cu. ft. of frac sand (depending on the length of the trailer) for use at the frac site. Our Model CF450 is a two axle trailer. Model CF800 is a three axle trailer. Model CF1250 is a four axle trailer. All three designs will also allow for transport of a specified frac sand payload "over the road". For example, the Model CF800 has a maximum "on site" storage capacity of 80,000 lbs. and may travel with an evenly distributed payload of up to 40,000 lbs.

Use the hydraulic pump system from your tractor to power the 24" wide "CamFlex" conveyor belt to load directly into a frac sander. Discharge rates up to 15,000+ lbs. per minute. Conveyor controls, feed gate control valves, hydraulic reservoir and quick disconnects are included in our scope. Flood lights are provided near the discharge end, and at the operators' station for night time service. Load the trailer using gravity chutes, mechanical conveyors, or other frac sand equipment. The frac sander is equipped with a top side walkway, access ladders and a fold down handrail system.

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