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Frac Sand Storage Trailers
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Frac Sand Storage Trailers
(4000 cu. ft.)

"Mini" Frac Sand Trailers

"T-Belt" Conveyors
(Single Belt)

"T-Belt" Conveyors
(Dual Belt)

Portable Sand Loaders

Miscellaneous Sand
Handling Conveyors

Cambelt manufactures the most durable and reliable oilfield equipment for the hydraulic fracturing industry. We provide highly specialized equipment designed to store and move high volumes of frac sand. Our products include frac sand storage trailers in a variety of sizes, T-Belt conveyors specially designed for moving sand efficiently, and other mobile sand conveyor systems.

Downtime at the gas or oilfield is an unacceptable expense. Oilfield equipment companies rely on Cambelt to provide machines that will last. Cambelt products are over-built to be ready for the most harsh conditions and longest running jobs. Each of our T-belt sand conveyors has a durable one-piece molded belt specially designed to move frac sand. Our "mini" frac sanders are designed to carry up to 40,000 lbs on the road. Our large frac sand storage trailers hold 3,000 to 4,000 cubic feet of sand. They feature built-in conveyors that can move up to 20,000 lbs of sand per minute.

Please view each product's respective information page to learn more. Contact us with any questions or to order your frac equipment.

Cambelt is the foremost supplier of hydraulic fracturing and oilfield equipment.

Reliable Frac Sand
Handling Machinery

For over thirty years, Cambelt has manufactured competent and rugged frac sand conveying and sand storage equipment for the gas and oil well stimulation industry.

The unique nature of our "CamBelt" and "CamFlex" conveyor belting allows us design flexibility (regarding both mobile and static sand conveying and storage equipment) that cannot be duplicated by competitors using standard flat conveyor belt configurations.

Our belts convince frac sand to easily convey up steep inclines and even change directions if necessary. We've built over 500 frac sand handling machines and sand storage units. We know how to move sand.

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