Frac Sand Storage Trailer - Model CF-4000

Frac Sand Storage The Cambelt Model CF- 4000 Sand Storage Trailer provides 4000 cubic feet of portable frac sand storage. It has dimensions of 10' - 6" wide x 14' -0" high x 53' - 0" long. Its CamFlex conveyor belt system will deliver frac sand to the blender (or to a 'T' belt conveyor) from any of its four compartments at rates up to 18,000 to 20,000 lbs. per minute. Feed rates may optionally be controlled electronically from the control center of our 'T' belt conveyor. Road clearance is improved over frac sand storage trailers using other belt styles.

Standard features include:
  • 125 HP, water cooled diesel engine (80 gallon fuel tank) and 40 GPM, self contained hydraulic system (125 gallon fluid reservoir) to power the conveyor belt, sand discharge gates, support pads, etc.
  • Hydraulic/electric control valves with a 25' long pendant also allow for optional manual remote operation of the (6) discharge gates
  • 5" dia. hydraulic rams power (4) large trailer support pads (for lifting and loaded conditions) with mechanical "fail safe" leg locks
  • Hydraulic system "quick disconnects" for easy change over to remote power
  • Pneumatic fill tubes on both sides of the trailer
  • Roof "gravity fill" hatches with access ladders
  • Roof top center walkway, with rigid perimeter handrails that "lay down" next to the roof during transport
  • Pivoting discharge chute with 18" dia. outlet
  • Night time operating lights at key locations

Frac Sand Storage
Cambelt offers a complete line of frac oilfield equipment.

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