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Cambelt's enclosed conveyors are ideal for any application where environmental control is required. Whether you're concerned with keeping environmental contaminants out of your material or your material out of the environment, Cambelt can build your conveyor system to fit the specification.

Because our conveyors and belts are manufactured at our own factory in Salt Lake City, we can customize every aspect of your system from the belting to the incline to the housing. Our CamSpan and CamSpan Gallery options allow you to run enclosed belt conveyors long distances in the open, high above ground. The CamSpan Gallery also lets you configure your overhead conveyor with a walkway for easy access.

All of our fixed conveyor products are specially constructed. The above examples showcase a variety of capabilities. Your exact configuration will depend on what kinds of products you will be moving and other details of your operation. We are well versed in the properties of a wide variety of dry bulk solids, and we know how to move them efficiently. Contact us to begin designing your enclosed conveyor system.

Environmentally Conscious

Environmental concerns always create demand for totally enclosed conveying systems. Cambelt International meets that demand with most of its material handling systems, including CamSpan and CamSpan Gallery conveyor products.

Unique in their easy to erect design, total enclosure, and long unsupported freespan capability, CamSpan and CamSpan Gallery demonstrate Cambelt's total commitment to providing the very finest products in a demanding market.

Cambelt International Corporation has never satisfied itself by being just like everyone else in its industry. Cambelt will always strive to be the recognized leader in providing innovative solutions to difficult problem

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