Metric / English Conversions

Download Quick Reference Materials

These charts contain extensive details on all types of weights and measures. You can download or print the information and use it for quick reference whenever necessary. In order to save you time, we will be loading the conversion factors into a searchable database. Check back in the near future to take advantage of this time saving tool.

  Extensive List of Conversion Factors
Cylindrical Tanks in Gallons
English System Conversions
Gallons / Cubic Feet
Inches / Millimeters
Contents of Pipes and Cylinders
International System Units with Complex Names
Traditional Metric Units
Comprehensive Weights and Measures

Quick Calculations

We've provided some online tools for easy conversion of the most common weights and measures. Click on the links below to view the individual conversion calculators. Formulas are provided if you're just interested in finding the common conversion factors.

Temperature Conversion

Convert the following to multiple units of measurement:

Decimal Equivalents for Fractions of One Inch

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