Volume and Dimensions of a Portion of a Cylinder
(if the base is an incomplete circle)

Enter data in the the a,b,h and r fields or the a,b,h and d fields.

Volume =  
Surface area =  
Base area =  


V = Volume
S = area of cylindrical surface a = 1/2 width of segment
b = distance from the center line of the circle to the edge*
r = radius
d = diameter
Area of base = p * r2 - Area of Segment**
Area of base = Area of Segment***
V = ((2/3) * a3 + b * Area of base) * (h / (r + b))
S = ((a * d) + (b * length of arc****)) * (h / (r + b))

*If the base area is less that one-half the base circle, b should be negative.
**If b is positive.
***If b is negative.
****Portion of Circumference (this is calculated in the program).

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