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Low Profile SELF PROPELLED Railcar Unloaders

Cambelt's patented and proven equipment using our own fully molded CamFlex™* belting offers many advantages in both cost and operation. Take a look at what the Cambelt alternative can offer you: higher capacities, lower horsepower, less product degradation, fewer dust contol problems, and lower costs -- that means all costs ... equipment costs, operating costs, and maintenance costs.

*CamFlex™ and CamWall™ fully molded flexible sidewall belts are the only flexible sidewall belts that are unconditionally guaranteed against delamination of the sidewall from the base belt. They don't come apart.

For both high quality and a good price, come to Cambelt International.

Below are theoretic capacities based on a dry free flowing material with a steady continuous feed of material to the belt. Flowability, particle size, moisture content, and method of feeding may affect actual capacity rates.

Model SP2420 Loading dry portland cement.

Where higher usage necessitates more frequent moving of the Transloader, and where requirements are for higher capacities, the Model SP2420 self-propelled unit will fill the need.

Completely self contained, this unit can be supplied with either electric/hydraulic (for use with an umbilical cord) or diesel/hydraulic power package.

One man can operate a complete transloading station with the Cambelt self propelled unloader which comes equipped with driver platform and complete operating controls.

High maneuverability and the ability to move sideways while under the railcar for positioning from hopper to hopper make this high capacity transloader a favorite with both owner and operator.

Model SP2420 Loading 325 mesh ground slag at high capacities completely dust free.

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