CamWall Enclosed High Incline Flexible Sidewall Belt Conveyors

Cambelt International prides itself in building CamWall Conveyors of the finest, heavy-duty industrial construction. They may be open or totally enclosed, as required, to provide necessary environmental control, contain dust and fumes, prevent contamination, or isolate the product from external atmospheric conditions. Enclosed and open conveyors are factory preassembled modular construction.

CamWall conveyors are suitable for an infinite variety of applications in many industries. They can handle virtually any bulk material, and offer the advantage of being able to convey horizontally and elevate at a steep angle of incline (60 degrees and higher) on a single, continuous belt. They may be built in horizontal, incline configurations for lateral movement of materials or for elevation to process intakes, bins, stockpiles, etc.

  • Totally Enclosed
  • Dust-Tight
  • Modular Construction
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