CamSpan Elevated Troughing Belt Conveyors

Troughing Conveyor
A modular, troughing belt conveyor with free span capability of 80 feet or more. Cuts erection cost and time by two-thirds; fugitive dust by three-thirds.

CamSpan is a totally enclosed troughing belt conveyor that is capable of attaining long, unsupported free-spans without the requirement of auxiliary trusses to achieve the spans. The CamSpan enclosure's standard span capability is 80 feet (24.5 meters) between supports. Longer spans may be possible, depending upon the specific application. This modular elevated conveyor will extend your system as long as needed and is recommended for traversing difficult terrain. The CamSpan is ideal as an elevated overland conveyor or for taking advantage of vertical space at a busy plant.

Overland conveyor Standard troughing belt conveyor components are used on the CamSpan Conveyor. Cambelt engineers adhere strictly to CEMA standards in the design and engineering of your belt conveyor system.

ACCESS into the CamSpan elevated conveyor enclosure is simple and quick. 4'-0" wide hinged and latched access doors are located on 8'-0" centers along the entire length of the CamSpan Conveyor, on the walkway side.

BELT WIDTHS - 18" TO 48"

WALKWAYS are a standard component of CamSpan Conveyors. 30" wide walkways are standard, with OSHA approved toe-kicks, walkway grating, and angle or pipe handrail construction.

CamSpan Enclosure Dimensions

(See chart below for actual belt widths and corresponding dimensions.)

18" 4'-1" 3'-6" 3'-0" 10.5"
24" 4'-1" 3'-6" 3'-0" 10.5"
30" 5'-3" 4'-6" 3'-9" 10.5"
36" 5'-3" 4'-6" 3'-9" 10.5"
42" 6'-3" 5'-5" 4'-3.5" 11"
48" 6'-3" 5'-5" 4'-3.5" 11"

* Varies depending on type of idler used

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Environmentally Conscious

Environmental concerns always create demand for totally enclosed conveying systems. Cambelt International meets that demand with most of its material handling systems, including CamSpan and CamSpan Gallery conveyor products.

Unique in their easy to erect design, total enclosure, and long unsupported freespan capability, CamSpan and CamSpan Gallery demonstrate Cambelt's total commitment to providing the very finest products in a demanding market.

Cambelt International Corporation has never satisfied itself by being just like everyone else in its industry. Cambelt will always strive to be the recognized leader in providing innovative solutions to difficult problem

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