CamFlex Open High Incline Flexible Sidewall Belt Conveyors

incline belt conveyors CamFlex fully molded flexible sidewall belts are unconditionally guaranteed against delamination of the sidewall from the base belt. They don't come apart -- guaranteed!

Cambelt International Corp. once again demonstrates its leadership in the field of specialty belt conveyors. Backed by over 50 years of experience and a solid reputation for quality products, innovative engineering and integrity, Cambelt offers a wide range of configurations and sizes in the unique CamFlex conveying system.

An open conveyor can be used when there are no concerns of environmental contamination. It allows easy monitoring and access for maintenance. For portable conveyors, an open configuration minimizes weight and dimensions for easier transport.

flexible sidewall belt Cambelt's patented and proven equipment using our own fully-molded CamFlex belting offers many advantages in both cost and operation. We will customize your open conveyor with the features that best suit your needs including any angle of incline and the right belting. The CamFlex nubbed belt comes in several widths and sidewall heights to offer efficiency in moving a wide variety of dry bulk solid. We offer the following benefits with all our products.

  • Higher capacities
  • Less product degradation
  • Lower costs -- and that means all costs
    • Equipment costs
    • Operating costs
    • Maintenance costs
  • Optional Equipment Available
    • Boot lift for dust-tight fit-up to railcar hopper
    • Retractable discharge spout.
  • Open Configuration
  • Modular Construction

See also our selection of enclosed conveyor configurations.

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